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Essays on about half the topics listed below are drafted and ready to post.
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Turbulent vs Smooth Projects
– What causes turbulence, Unexpected events are inevitable, Certain types of projects are inherently turbulent, Preparing for turbulence

Understanding Your Yard
– The different types of fab yards; Owner vs yard contracted workscope and responsibilities; Us vs Them relationships; The integrated owner-yard project team.

The Speedy Project Schedule
– Why projects run late; Gantt charts in more detail; the Gantt chart as a tool to find resource loadings, milestone and project completion dates.

Managing Manpower
– Qualities of Key People, Soft People Skills, The need for a strong team., Job Descriptions, Organisation Charts, Evaluating Job Performance, Getting hundreds or thousands of people to sing from the same songbook, Most yards rarely get a full day’s work out of workers, Honesty vs Political Correctness

Managing Complexity
– Working with large volumes of project data; Keeping track of who is doing what where

Functional Descriptions (FD’s)
– Why insist on FDs, who uses FDs, who drafts FDs, Samples of well written FD’s; FD Case History: the Lancelot’s exhaust pipes

Building Prototypes
– Problems with innovation

Recovering late projects.

Section 3.0 Managing Construction
– Duties of the Owner’s Team., Deadheads drones no-doers, Too Many Regulations Lead to Too Many Lies

Yard corruption
– Substandard subcons and vendors, Procurement Departments

Safe Work
– The relationship between stress and accidents , SIMOPS safety – morning safety meetings, Use safety officers to support not hinder work, Every thing and location needs a name – signage

Worker productivity
– Using expensive supervisors to organize work, Workteam foremen, Problems managing underfed underpaid yard coolies., Keeping track of workers – Access Control, head counting, time keeping, Maximizing worker time at the workface, Keeping work teams busy,

Section 4 Design Considerations
– Product features and design; Accessibility and Usability Engineering; Ambiguous Controls and Instrumentation

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