Prototypes – Innovations in Projects

Here are some things to think about when building prototypes. Innovation in projects, always ends up costing more time and money than initially anticipated, because it is not possible to anticipate the physical characteristics of something which does not yet exist.

This applies not only to larger oil and gas developments but also to smaller […]

Questions for Project Planners

PROJECT PLANNING – A 5 Minute Overview

This blog covers in some detail aspects of managing : a] the planning, design and engineering or a rig or marine project and: b] getting a quality product built and delivered on time.

This post runs to 900 words, a 15 minute read. Please excuse me if you […]

Why Marine Projects Run Late

Why rig and marine projects run late

Back in the early 80’s, when offshore rigs were a still a relatively new concept, a slew of then-new yards delivered newbuildings at a faster rate than many yards can achieve today.


In the early 80s, rig building yards in Singapore- the world’s main center of […]