The Sears Tower Effect

“The Sears Tower Effect explains why universities have become bloated and expensive purveyors of curricula of questionable value, sold to snookered students buried in student debt. And it explains why Washington, D.C., has become a rich, distended, fat, flatulent, and fetid nest of lobbyists, bloodsuckers, overlords, lobbyists, and bureaucrats. ”

This essay explains how easily […]

Selecting the right managers to deal with turbulent times

“As for the best leaders, the people do not notice their existence. The next best, the people honor and praise. The next, the people fear; and the next the people hate…When the best leader’s work is done the people say “We did it ourselves!”” – Lao-tz

This article is aimed at the offshore vessel owner, […]

Rig managers intimidated by politically correct scared cows.

This article looks at how offshore contractors let sacred cows eat their lunch. Against today’s backgound of slow cash flow and idle offshore assets, we look at what contractor’s operational priorities really need to be. We use drilling rigs as an example, though the take home lessons apply to barges, DSV’s and work boats too.


Managing offshore assets in tight times – the new priorities

This downturn is a wake up call to the owners-of-the-owners of billions of dollars worth of offshore assets, the value of which is dwindling away to dust before our eyes. We are in a race against time to stop a rising flood of red ink, we want to preserve our dwindling cash reserves to: 1] […]

4 Oilfield Mindsets That Are About To Change

It seems to be too easy for industry participants to forget the naturally cyclical nature of oil and gas. Too many of us are still living in a kind of boom-time dream world. Psychologists say that we fill the gaps of our perception with a mental model of how we "think" the world works. When […]

Communicating Asian Style: Dealing with a dozen languages

This article is about the topic of better managing projects by empowering the people on the job with a simple tool to help them talk to each other.  

We outline an ultra low cost technique which helps eliminate double work, improves morale and reduces shipyard deaths and accidents.


Duties of the Owner’s Team

From hundreds of yards and thousands of projects over many decades, a class of Owner’s Representatives (OR’s) has arisen in the yards of Asia, whose skills and knowledge to deliver quality products, cannot be found in any school book.

The target reader for this site is an Owner who is looking at using an Asian […]

Why Marine Projects Run Late

Why rig and marine projects run late

Back in the early 80’s, when offshore rigs were a still a relatively new concept, a slew of then-new yards delivered newbuildings at a faster rate than many yards can achieve today.


In the early 80s, rig building yards in Singapore- the world’s main center of […]