Modustacking Services document proper rig lay-up procedures.

Asset owners need to think beyond today’s layup to the time in the future, when the rig is ready to return to work. Without good proof of preservation, class surveyors, and charter’s acceptance surveyors will insist on expensive tests and inspections, many of which will be avoidable , if there is proof that proper mothballing […]

The way we preserve our assets is costing us millions

The way we preserve tanks, pipes, valves and machines is 30 years behind the times.

In polite language: “Too many marine assets are prematurely deteriorating, due to inadequate attention to modern preservation practices.” – Or in plain language: “To many ships and rigs are needlessly rotting away due to ignorance of new preservation technologies.”


Cold Stacked but Ready-to-Drill

Is it true that a modern cold stacked rig cannot be “Ready to Drill”?

The very term “Cold Stack” conjures up images of rusting frozen up equipment, though experience with aviation and military proves that cold mothballed equipment can be mobilized and ready to use within a day.

There is another term being used these […]

Warm Stack Or Cold Stack? This May Be The Wrong Question

“Cold stacked rigs” is a bad name. “Preservation to Milspec Standards” may be a better term; it reflects a more positive mindset

As the offshore service sector continues to head south, the question of how to stack idle expensive offshore assets is on the minds of many Oilpros. “Stack” is rig slang for “layup.” The […]

Table of Contents

Table of Contents : Protecting and Preserving Marine Assets

1] THE PRACTICE OF PRESERVING MARINE ASSETS (Mostly focussed on cold stack techniques) – The life of a vessel depends on the condition of its ballast tanks. – Cold mothballing modern electrical switchgear. – Certain rig systems should still be run every 45-60 days. – Using […]