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1] MARINE ASSETS: New Warm & Cold Layup Options – New “Enhanced Layup” class guidelines allows a mix of cold and warm stacking. – On a cold stacked rig, use solar power to regenerate desiccant gel-packs. – Modern cold mothballed vessels still need a small preservation crew. – Using VCIs to safely cold preserve large […]

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Topics Covered in this Blog Essays on about half the topics listed below are drafted and ready to post. – Is there any subject you would like to see us post first? You can make your request in the Comments box below. – Are there any topics that you think should be covered in this […]

Table of Contents

Table of Contents : Protecting and Preserving Marine Assets

1] THE PRACTICE OF PRESERVING MARINE ASSETS (Mostly focussed on cold stack techniques) – The life of a vessel depends on the condition of its ballast tanks. – Cold mothballing modern electrical switchgear. – Certain rig systems should still be run every 45-60 days. – Using […]